Ph.D. programs at IAAS

Ph.D. PROGRAMS – 6 semesters – 3 years

In IAAS MSU, there are several postgraduate programs (Ph.D. programs):

  • General history;
  • Literature of people of foreign countries, the Languages of the people of foreign countries;
  • World economy;
  • Political institutions, ethnopolitical conflictology, national and political processes and technologies;
  • Political problems of international relations and global development;
  • Theory and history of culture.


Rights of admission to the postgraduate programs have individuals with a diploma of completed higher education (bachelor and master degree). Enrollment to the postgraduate programs occurs on a competitive basis by results of the entrance examinations. Conditions of admission: knowledge of the Russian language (a certificate in Russian or a bachelor’s degree diploma from the university where education was held in Russian).


Reception of documents (deadlines): from August 01 to  August 30.

Entrance examinations for Ph.D. programs: from September 5 to September 20.

Examinations for admission to postgraduate programs: Specialty, a Western European language, Philosophy.

The cost of training in internal postgraduate study program (in 2017): 360000 rubles per year, the program takes 3 years.

The cost of studying at the extramural postgraduate course: 200000 rubles per year, the course takes 4 years.

During studies at the postgraduate degree programs foreign students continue to study Russian and Western European languages.

For all questions, please contact: email:

tel. +7(495) 629-5948



  • Pure scanned copy of the passport. The validity of passport should be 2-3 years.
  • Questionnaire for the invitation. You will receive the official invitation in about 2 months.
  • Original education documents. Please, be ready to certify them at the Expert Center in the Ministry of High Education, RF. (Translation of education documents to the Russian language needs to be certified by notary).
  • Confirmation of knowledge of Russian language (I level) is necessary. Except for those students who are going to enter preparatory courses at IAAS, MSU).
  • Medical certificate of health condition. Results on AIDS and lungs examination.
  • Be ready to buy medical insurance in MSU (150-200$ per year depends on plan) or obtain insurance through the system of international insurance in your country.
  • Photos (3×4) 6 pieces (black-white, mat).


You may choose the topic of your postgraduate and post.doc. projects among the great number of Institute staff research interests, i.e. History, theory and typology of Oriental and African languages, the theory of translation as well as a typology of Oriental literature regional interrelationship. The other line of current research work includes new conceptual approaches to Oriental history periodization as well as economic history, historical demography, ethnic genesis, peculiarities of local cultures and traditions, religion and philosophical systems.


You are welcome to get Ph.D. in Oriental studies!