Post-graduate programs at IAAS

MASTER OF ARTS (Oriental and African Studies).

4 semesters – 2 years.  MA programs:

Students are welcome to deepen their knowledge in Philology, History, Economics of Asian and African countries at study programs of our Institute and receive MA

The IAAS MSU has several master degree programs (course “Asian and African Studies”):

  • History of Asia and Africa;
  • Languages and literature of Asia and Africa;
  • Economy and international economic relations of Asia and Africa;
  • Politics and international relations of Asia and Africa;
  • Linguistics

A diploma of completed higher education is necessary for admission to the Master’s degree programs. Admission is conducted on a competitive basis according to the results of entrance examinations. Also before starting MA program, a specialty examination “Country in the Asian-African region” have to be taken.

Reception of documents (deadlines):  from June 2 until  July 1.


Entrance examinations for MA programs: July 2-4.

Tuition fees (in 2015): 360000 rubles per year, (MA program takes 2 years).

During studies at the MA degree program, foreign students continue to study Russian and Western European language.

For all questions, please contact:


tel.  +7(495)6295948



  • Pure scanned copy of the passport. The validity of passport should be 2-3 years.
  • Questionnaire for the invitation. You will receive the official invitation in about 2 months.
  • Original education documents. Please, be ready to certify them at the Expert Center in the Ministry of High Education, RF. (Translation of education documents to the Russian language needs to be certified by notary).
  • Confirmation of knowledge of Russian language (I level) is necessary. Except for those students who are going to enter preparatory courses at IAAS, MSU).
  • Medical certificate of health condition. Results on AIDS and lungs examination.
  • Be ready to buy medical insurance in MSU (150-200$ per year depends on plan) or obtain insurance through the system of international insurance in your country.
  • Photos (3×4) 6 pieces (black-white, mat).